Eleanor Durrant

Power BI demonstration - Mundial de Tango


This two-part demonstration shows an interesting thing about the annual Mundial de Tango, or Tango World Championship, held in Buenos Aires. Namely, the judges don't agree with each other at all about which couple is best. For Business Intelligence nerds there's an overview of how it's done in my LinkedIn post, and for Argentine Tango nerds there's some discussion about why it might be like this at Ms Hedgehog, part 1 (overview) and part 2 (judge-to-judge correlations).

Part 1: the seven judges don't agree how to score any couple.

Part 2: We can measure and visualise the degree of correlation between the way any two of the judges ranked the couples, in any year 2012-2016. And there practically isn't any.

I'd like to know if this is unique to the Mundial, which it may well be, or is characteristic of other subjectively-judged competitions that are similar in structure. That's on my list for further research.